10 marzo 2008

Letra de Whithe Robe

En su presentacion en U.S.A t.A.T.u presento esta version de Bely Plschik, aqui la letra grasias a dimalimas .Para bajar el mp3 aquí o acá

Whithe Robe

Feeling lonely, looking faded
Yellow ribbons, black from fading
Word is written, bone is brokenNo big secret left unspoken
Silence feinted in the corner
While it's never getting warmer
All the lies they keep on telling
But you never check the spelling

Flying bulletsHit the targets
Wings and halos,
Five to sevenIn this white robe
through the darkness
There I'm flyingback to heaven!

Time is running we are sitting
Back together, just for fading
You are crying in the corner
All was lost and never forward
Open up and let me hear it
Come abide our future spirit
Brain is useless (you?) looking
Open doors but dead man walking.