08 diciembre 2008

The best and worst cover versions of all time

Las chicas quedaron el 3º posicion por HSIN del primer albun segun el periodico britanico The Independient

1. Madonna

American Pie, 2000 (Don McLean 1971)

Is it the monotony of the Queen of pop’s sickly-sweet and curiously one-dimensional vocals or the cringeworthy synth backing that makes this so unlistenable?

2. Joss Stone

Fell In Love With a Boy 2003 (Fell in Love with a Girl, White Stripes 2001)

Limp and slouchy; this pseudo-jazz pop version is everything the White Stripes’ infectious high energy rousing song isn’t.

3. Tatu

How Soon Is Now? 2002 (The Smiths 1984)

The teenage Russian lesbians’ take on The Smiths’ greatest strips all the soul and pathos, replacing it with their best Alvin, Simon and Theodore impression. Ghastly.